Courier-Journal sports columnist Tim Sullivan weighed in on NBA expansion Thursday afternoon, and he didn’t sugarcoat Louisville’s chances.

Seattle has a hedge fund billionaire willing to build a basketball arena on his own dime. Louisville has a metro council member willing to draft resolutions that read like a lawyer’s letter to Santa Claus.

Yikes – and that’s just the first paragraph. Read the full story here.

In all seriousness, Sullivan’s report offers the most insight to the discussion since reported that Louisville is a contender for NBA expansion earlier this week. Sullivan breaks down logistic issues Louisville faces against cities such as Seattle and Mexico City, and gets a direct quote from NBA spokesman Mike Bass: “We have no plans for expansion at this time.”

If you’ve been honest with yourself, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the original report, Louisville is described as a front runner of the teams on the outside looking in, with Seattle and Mexico City as the preferred options. These points should be considered before realistically expecting a franchise in Kentucky.

So, sure, that’s a bummer. But it is important to not get your hopes up right away. In the meantime, we will keep our ears to the ground and keep you posted on any more potential expansion news.


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